• Increase eggshell thickness and breaking strength

  • Improve egg weight

  • Improve yolk color

  • Significantly reduces ammonia

    • Up to 38% reduction in ammonia*

  • Improve feed conversion

    • Up to 4% improvement*

  • Improve nutrient digestibility

    • Up to 4% improvement*

  • Proven by producers to improve weight gain (particularly breast, thigh and leg) in growing chickens.

  • Proven by producers to improve egg production in laying hens without affecting egg quality.

  • Will improve Haugh unit, shell strength, egg yolk color and HDL cholesterol in laying hens.*

*Studies were conducted independently by the Dankook University in South Korea.  Please contact Emerald Seed Products to obtain a copy of the study.

Studies and Research

Effect of Nutrifen(R) Supplementation with Different Levels of Metabolic Energy on Growth Performance, Nutrient Digestibility, Meat Quality, Blood Profile, Excreta Microflora and Excreta Gas Emission of Broiler Chickens - Dankook University

Effect of Nutrifen(R) on Egg Production, Quality, Nutrient Digestibility, Blood Profiles, Fecal Microflora and Fecal Noxious Gas Emission in Laying Hens - Dankook University